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Parallel Lines

Digital Archives

Welcome to our digital archive! Much like our museum, we are under construction, but making things available to you slowly. Eventually, these collections will be sorted by class and alphabetically. For now, please sift through these incredible veterans collections. If you are using these items for research, kindly cite the Ritchie History Museum, as the location they were retrieved. 

The Howard Bowman Collection

The William Galen Collection

The Kurt Kuglemann Collection

The Boris Krass Collection

The Armand Duvall Collection

The John Bernhardt Collection

The Philip Sureck Collection

The Carl Weeldreyer Collection

The Ritchie Boy Rosters

The Marilyn Pugh Collection

Joseph Kantor Collection

Camp Ritchie Training Material

The Peter Wolff Collection

The Paul Rabinek Collection

The Lillian Ecton Collection

The Alessandro Sabbadini Collection

The Alton Needham & Composite School Unit Collection (CSU)

The John Kay Collection

The Oscar T. Neal Collection

The Jerry Schultz Collection

The Werner Breit Collection

The Freddie Haarburger Collection

Fort Ritchie Newspapers

Camp Ritchie Photo Bank

MITC Grade Sheet
a group of soldiers
Kurt Kuglemann and Friends
WAC holding a Flag
Graduation Papers
Rabinek on Tank
Sabbadini next to jeep
soldiers talking
group of soldiers at firing range
two soldiers at an interrogation table
John Kay Passport
group of soldiers standing
Group photo of WWII soldiers
group of National guard soldiers
american soldier standing next to buchenwals sign
ritchie boy roster
Werner Breit
Marilyn Pugh
Freddie passport
Man sitting in chair
WWII illustration of man in german uniform
Documents from Ritchie Boy
Fort Ritchie Castle, Maryland

Online Collection

Gates of Fort Ritchie
Ritchie History Museum Logo
We strive for our digital archive to create quality learning experiences. We use this archive to protect and preserve our collections while creating accessibility to Fort Ritchie's invaluable history. This online resource will continue to grow as our accessioned collections are cataloged and digitized.
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