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Fort Ritchie Finger Buildings


     The Ritchie History Museum is dedicated to preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the powerful stories of the fort's history and its contribution to Maryland and American Military History.
     We aim to honor our veterans and their families from Fort Ritchie's past by retelling their stories of dedication and sacrifice. We strive to share these stories and experiences with the public in a way that reflects the same honor and integrity that our soldiers served with. Through the retelling of these stories we create educational opportunities for our visitors.

From Humble Beginnings

National Guard Soldiers Marching
Womens Army Marching
Soldier Looking thorugh Scope


Beverley Eddy

Many years ago, Ritchie had a small museum on its post. In the 1970s, Post Commander Detrich's wife, Becky, wanted to collect as much history about Ritchie as she could. For years, Becky Detrich shared the history to local groups who would listen to the interesting tales surrounding the mountain Army Post. Much of the local history surrounding Ritchie would have been lost had it not been for Becky's hard work. In 1998, when Fort Ritchie Closed, the items in the museum were disbanded to different locations around the United States --Many still unknown to us today. Dr. Guy Stern, a Ritchie Boy, and director of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan was able to put on a symposium for the Ritchie Boys and gathered many materials to spread the story as well.


           A 2004 Documentary was released and for many years the story remained a quiet secret. When Fort Ritchie was sold in 2021, the new owner of the Fort determined that a historic preservation was necessary for the property and set aside two large buildings for the purpose of a museum and research center. Within a month, 60 Minutes produced an incredibly popular program about the Ritchie Boys which was seen by millions and has ignited a flame in people around the world to learn more about the Ritchie Boys and the amazing history surrounding the property. A local educator, Landon Grove, was asked to create the Ritchie History Museum and preserve many aspects of the history of the Property. Grove, along with KWVA Commander Ron Twentey designed and planned the Ritchie History Museum and successfully opened its doors in June of 2023. Shortly after, Grove returned to the classroom, but is still available to speak on the subject as his schedule permits.

Guy Stern at table on 60 minutes
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