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Support the Museum

We couldn't preserve the legacies of these veterans without your help! Please consider contributing to our growing operations and programming.

Thanks so much!

Dear Friends, 

What an auspicious year for the Ritchie History Museum!

  • We received 501(c)(3) designation in January—officially becoming a nonprofit!


  • We were special guests at the award ceremony when The US Holocaust Memorial Museum presented the Ritchie Boys its Elie Wiesel Award with General Mark Milley delivering the keynote address. 

Mark Milley.jpg
  • The State of Maryland awarded a major grant toward creating the new Museum​​

Corderman Fort.jpg
  • Congressman David Trone sponsored legislation to award a Congressional Gold   Medal to the Ritchie Boys. He was joined Ritchie boy Gideon Kantor onsite for the announcement!

Learn more about the plans for the new Museum below.

Now we turn to you to be among the first donors to help finish the Ritchie History Museum and provide the funds needed to develop the Museum and tell Ritchie's many stories.

Our Goal: Raise $50,000 by December 31 to fully fund these activities:

  1. Enhance our public programs, walking tours, and lectures

  2. Install up-to-date technology in the new Museum 

  3. Hire much needed staff to expand our educational reach to a growing audience 

Make your gift before year’s end to become part of an exclusive group-- our Inaugural Donors. 

There are several ways to make your gift:

  1. Online 


  2. Mail your check payable to Ritchie History Museum and mail to Ritchie History Museum, 25009 Lake Waster Dr, Cascade, MD 21719

           Feel free to contact The Ritchie History Museum’s director to discuss your gift or to answer any questions at or 301-241-2231.

Please note: Gifts of $1800 or more will allow you to designate a Ritchie Boy banner along Barrick Avenue and Castle Drive.

I will be happy to talk with you to facilitate a gift at this level. 

Your gift is received with gratitude for your role in becoming an Inaugural Donor to the Ritchie History Museum and supporting our creation and growth.


Preserving an American Legacy

We are so proud to be able to preserve the legacy of over seventy years of military history from 1926 through 1998 including the now globally known Ritchie Boys of WWII. History is deeply entrenched here at Ritchie. From its humble beginnings as the site of an ice company, to its importance with the 7th Signal Command and Communications efforts of -the United States Army, the Pentagon, and White House, come explore the best kept secret -Western Maryland has to offer. We'll be waiting for you!

Without you the Ritchie Museum would be unable to bring this history to light.
Thank you for Everything!
Your contribution is what makes this all possible.

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