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Fort Ritchie Castle Circa 1930



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For nearly a quarter of a decade the building which houses our museum laid empty and largely abandoned. Thanks to a variety of state funding, grants, and private donations, the Ritchie History Museum has finally found its home in 202 Barrick Avenue. Built between 1932-1934 as the Brigade Officers mess hall, and later dedicated as a memorial library to the man who designed Ritchie, Robert Barrick. 

Ritchie Library in 1980s
Ritchie museum main floor full of people


Our museum highlights the efforts of the Ritchie Boys and the role they played in defeating Hitler and Nazism. Not only do we focus on the efforts of Fort Ritchie, but our great Korean War Veterans have a place in our museum to ensure that the "Forgotten War" is no longer forgotten. From 1926-1998, thousands of soldiers trained at Ritchie to keep our country safe. We intend to honor those veterans by retelling their stories.


Thanks to the funding from the National Endowment of Humanities through Maryland Humanities, our museum has been able to create a digital archive of thousands of documents relating to Camp Ritchie and Fort Ritchie's long history connected to both Maryland History and Military History. Check out our archive and digital space to learn more about our historically unique property. Click here to see our ever growing archive!

Castle Blueprint


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A Digital trip into Military History

Your Passport to the Past

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All Videos

All Videos
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The start of WWII for two of the Ritchie Boys

The start of WWII for two of the Ritchie Boys

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The "Ritchie Boys" recruited To Fight The Nazis

The "Ritchie Boys" recruited To Fight The Nazis

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Camp Ritchie Now and .......Then

Camp Ritchie Now and .......Then

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